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First you are shown the maximum height the play can jump, then maximum distance for reference reasons. Then you are dropped into the temple, the first step introduces the spikes and the player is taught to avoid them. The next jump shows the player how to avoid spikes while jumping and moving forward. The next part develops the players skill by forcing the idea of precision jumping to avoid the spikes. The player then goes down a series of steps while evading spikes until they reach an additional hazard to the spikes, which is fire. the player precision jumps over the spikes and fire. Then is introduced to a new layer of the temple, in which lies the ancient ruins and new styles of jumping such as a latter style of back and forth jumping. The player is introduced to floating platforms over a set of spikes. Finally the player experiences the big twist where the floating platforms are now moving up and down over a pit of fire, all the while the player has to precision jump over floating spikes that are placed between the moving platforms. Then the player lastly reaches the end game room that is accessed by going in-between two big letters that say GG (which stands for "good game). The player is then dropped into a spike pit filled with skulls where the player meets their imminent demise as the conclusion. 

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